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Hi guys

This is the story of the wedding of Jamie and Camilla. This fairytale only had people who loved the beautiful bride and her handsome groom, no ugly stepsisters or poisoned apples. It was a beautiful autumn day at Ballara Receptions in Eltham, the birthday of the bride, when Camilla promised Jamie that they would be best friends forever, and he promised her right back. They promised each other that they would fiercely protect all that they had together, and then they kissed and made it forever.  To Camilla and Jamie, wishing you every happy ever after xox Here is the story in pictures, enjoy.



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We think we know the men in our lives before they become fathers, but on the day when they first become a Dad, we see their heart expand and soften, their life changes, and pride and tenderness enter their world in equal measure.  They fall completely in love with that tiny, wrinkly person they can hold with one hand, who takes their heart prisoner, for the term of their natural life. A magical moment, one of life’s best…….

Here’s a little video, some of the favourite fatherhood moments we have been privileged to photograph, from newborn through to adulthood, it makes us smile, we hope it makes you smile too:)


Celebrating Fathers from Diva For A Day on Vimeo.

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I’ve written the line “So you never forget how very beautiful you are” many times.  Sometimes I worry some may think it sounds like an advertising slogan, you know, a line someone has designed that will make you want to buy expensive face cream, or an uplift bra.

So we at Diva designed this little showreel video (see, just below the writing), to show you what a Portrait Couture experience at Diva For A Day looks like.  It’s real, the lovely Rhiannon is not a model, but she looks like she could be, doesn’t she?  That’s what we work for, that magazine look, and then we craft sensationally beautiful portraits for you, as a keepsake, so you never forget.

We retouch but we don’t do too much photoshop, we don’t want someone to say that your pictures are fake, that you don’t look that lovely. It’s authentic.   So no super soft skin and hazy overtones, just the very best you that excellent makeup, hair and wardrobe styling, careful lighting, guided posing and having a fabulous fun day can give you.

See yourself through our eyes…. beautiful, just the way you are.

The Diva For A Day Portrait Couture Experience


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BernardPINIMAGEOur ‘fur baby’ obsession continues!! Until the end of July, bring your fur baby to the Diva studio in Yarra Glen to receive a 15 minute ‘mini’ session for only $50. Session includes photography, fur baby treats (bribes), and your choice of one matted 12″ x 8″ print. Sensational value. Bookings are essential and only until the end of July 2014. Call us on 1300 624 965 to book your session

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This is a repost from our old blog, with a little update.  I hope you enjoy:)

On a glorious spring day, the beautiful Kathryn and her handsome fiancé Glen, came to visit the quaint village of Olinda in the Dandenong Ranges,  for a holiday at The Loft In The Mill.

But there was romance in the air and magic, you see, Kathryn and Glen had eloped. Every detail had been planned in advance, for a ceremony so intimate, so personal and filled with love.

What Kathryn and Glen didn’t know was that they had chosen a location for their special day, where the hosts, Donna and Brad believe in love with all their hearts, and filled the day with special surprises to delight and enchant the happy couple. There were petals, shaped into a heart on the bed, and delightful little touches added to the ceremony, which were both thoughtful and exquisite, but wait, I get ahead of myself.

While Donna and the lovely Joneen Rattray – Celebrant completed the styling of the gardens and area where the ceremony was to be held, Kirsty from Transforming Faces was putting the finishing touches to Kathryn’s hair and makeup.  Kirsty has such an eye for detail and a soft and calm manner, Kathryn felt relaxed and pampered.  Glen was ready in his suit, Kirsty and I assisted Kathryn into her elegant princess gown, then it was time for Diva For A Day to capture pre-wedding portraits in the Hathaway Suite. Glen and Kathryn,  who were both a little nervous and very excited walked together down the gorgeous cobbled stairway, through a wrought iron gateway in the bluestone wall, and into the gardens for the ceremony. Joneen had helped Glen and Kathryn to prepare a simple yet beautiful ceremony, where they expressed the love and friendship they felt for each other, and made special promises and whispered words of love and happiness.

Intrepid Diva photographers Sez and I sighed at the beauty of it all, as the  man and his new wife, strolled across the lawn to where Donna and Heather from The Loft In The Mill had prepared a very special area for the signing, with champagne and lavender pots and comfortable wicker sofas, and we all relaxed and enjoyed the warmth of a love declared and basked in a glorious spring afternoon in the village of Olinda.

Then off to explore the gardens and capture the day with the camera, so Glen and Kathryn can look at their images forever, and smile at the happiness of it all. Glen was so proud of his beautiful new wife, and Kathryn melted into the arms of her handsome new husband.

But the delights of the day did not end there, Nick from SkyHigh Mount Dandenong, was on his way in a stretch limousine to collect the happy couple and whisk them to the top of the mountain to enjoy a wedding reception, designed just for two.   and Melbourne glowed it’s approval, at love and marriage and two lives and hearts promised forever……….  if ever I were to elope……….

Oh, and the update… Maddison Dawn was born just under a year later, perfection!!  :)

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