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Unless you or your fiancé are a movie star or Kim Kardashian it’s unlikely that you The Perfect First KissPINIMAGEhave ever had 100+ people watching you kissing. I’m even tipping that if the dog stares too hard when you’re having the Friday night snuggle on the the couch, you stretch out the toe and nudge them away. And now you’re going the kiss, the lip lock, the smooch, the peck (heaven help us) or even the snog, in front of 100+ people, who have their eyes riveted on your every manoeuvre.  Palms sweating yet??

Not only are you being watched, but maybe filmed and photographed as well. Oh, the pressure of the perfect kiss, too long? too short? nose squish?

Diva For A Day have photographed many first kisses so we thought we would humbly offer you some tips of what to practice, so you don’t get to THE moment and freeze, or worse yet feel awkward or even worse bang noses and get the roaring giggles.  Here goes, 4 little tips:

  1. A good first kiss lasts between 10 and 15 seconds. Long enough to get the photo and video without making your 9 year old nephew snort and blush. Practice it, 10 seconds is longer than you think.  We had one couple (and they will know who they are if they read this) who practiced to the point of pash rash. With such commitment of course they achieved a perfect first kiss.  Well done guys!
  2. Keep is simple. Don’t go the dip – you might drop her. Don’t go the tongue – you might drool – she might gag yewww. Don’t grab his/her bum – refer above comment about 9 year old nephew.
  3. Brides head tilted toward the guests, groom’s head toward the rear.  Why? Simply if you have a plan you avoid nose crashes, and you don’t feel awkward in the moment. Win!!
  4. Practice meeting in the middle, difficult if there is one person significantly taller than the other. The backward bend looks like someone is trying to get away, or worse, is overpowered.

So, that’s our tips and if nothing else, you are both going to have a fabulous time practicing before the day!!

Here’s to love !!


P.S. While looking through images to illustrate this blog, I discovered that first kisses are traditional and fun, but check out these pictures which are just before or just after the first kiss – I think it’s the moment they realise they’re married – and it’s precious 🙂




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I want to tell you the story of the wedding of Erin and Lucas, although my words may not be able to show you how beautiful and romantic their day was, how much fun their party was, how together Erin and Lucas are complete, I hope our pictures tell you the story. We felt so privileged to photograph their day, come, enjoy it with us.




































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Hi guys

This is the story of the wedding of Jamie and Camilla. This fairytale only had people who loved the beautiful bride and her handsome groom, no ugly stepsisters or poisoned apples. It was a beautiful autumn day at Ballara Receptions in Eltham, the birthday of the bride, when Camilla promised Jamie that they would be best friends forever, and he promised her right back. They promised each other that they would fiercely protect all that they had together, and then they kissed and made it forever.  To Camilla and Jamie, wishing you every happy ever after xox Here is the story in pictures, enjoy.


Diva 🙂

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